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Hey, I’m Jack.

Well….that’s what most of my photographer friends call me anyway. This is a little story about how I got into photography.

As a kid I loved art. I was always drawing something. My mind would run wild and I would come up with all sorts of crazy things. This carried on into High School where my favorite course was……you guessed it, art. That was until my Junior year when I decided to take a black & white film photography class. I enrolled in the class so I could learn to take photos of my friends skateboarding. I quickly realized that I loved it!

My Grandma sent me an old Canon AE-1. This thing was sweet and it got me going. Shortly after I upgraded to a Canon Elan A2 with a few lenses and I was really on my way. I continued to explore photography through my Junior and Senior year. We would get these really fun assignments that I would love getting creative with. In addition to the skateboarding photography I was also playing with landscapes and portraits. I knew wanted to be a photographer.

One of our assignments that year was about lines or pattern or something like that, I can’t quite remember. Anyway, I took a photo of my buddy Brian looking out some venetian blinds. The sun was blasting through the blinds and created these cool shadows across his face. I nailed the exposure, I processed it well and it ended up winning “Best in Show” at the district competition at the end of the year. I was blown away!!! I think I won like $350 and a little Olympus digital camera. This was about the time that technology started going nuts and everything started going digital. The crazy part is I didn’t want to go digital…..so I quit. I simply gave it up.

Fast forward about 10 years…………

I’m happily married with a typical day job. My wife’s birthday is coming up and she says she wants to start taking pictures. This gets me thinking about all the fun I had in those days. I knew I still had the AE-1 and the Elan A2. They were sitting at my Mom’s house in a closet somewhere. But I realized that I was over my digital rebellion now. I had actually learned to love technology; it’s hard not to when you grew up in Silicon Valley. So I said “ok, that sounds awesome!” So now I am thinking my wife and I can do this together and I can figure it all out again and we will have a blast!!!

Her birthday comes around and I buy her a Canon Rebel T3i with a kit lens. I quickly realized I could use a refresher and she didn’t know what she was doing so I came across a Groupon for a class on beginning digital photography. This was perfect so we each signed up and went to a McKay Photography Academy class at the San Jose Convention Center. No more than a third of the way through the class it all clicked for me again, I remembered! My passion was reborn. I was living the dream again…….

Needless to say, I basically stole the camera from my wife and I haven’t looked back since. You can read about some of my adventures and stories in my blog.

P.S. I got her another camera. Well, truthfully, I upgraded and gave hers back. 🙂

P.P.S. Thanks to my good buddy Sam Post for making this awesome image of me down in Big Sur. www.sampost.smugmug.com